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The fall contributor of the American bridge

 投稿者:ハリーイケダメール  投稿日:2007年 8月11日(土)07時52分19秒
  The fall contributor of the American bridge: Harry Ikeda contribution day: Saturday, August 11, 2007 07:50:17
    As for this, there is a problem for the design of the American bridge. However, JACK thinks that the the number of years called 40 years is a problem. Therefore it is said that the Japanese highway is scary. I put garbage in concrete by Great Hanshin Earthquake, and corner-cutting construction surely became clear. However, a fall of the bridges in that U.S.A. is terrible defect construction though there is not an earthquake. Even Japanese badness general contractor will not be bad to there. When you criticize other countries, you should begin with the self-criticism of the own country. It is talked about the care that is unnecessary if there is not self-criticism.
 The political issue is always JACK to perform, but reacts excessively when Ikeda touches the political topic. Even the following topic that became the topic before has been canceled.
 The reason is because there is the enemy of Ikeda all over that place. The superficial wisdom of an intention becoming the existing government criticism to tell the complaint of the gap-widening society is rampant. Because a book of Watanabe of ワタミフーズ criticizes it properly, I will tell it by communication of Ikeda.



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