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Sun Jul 30 09:34:23 2006

 投稿者:HARRY池田治夫メール  投稿日:2006年 9月 3日(日)15時22分10秒
Name: ikedaharuo URL: http://www.ikeda.gr.jp/ DEL?
Subject: 昨日の英会話クラスは


[ID:15452] Sun Jul 30 09:38:08 2006
Name: ikedaharuo URL: http://www.ikeda.gr.jp/ DEL?
Subject: 上の英訳
H which was active together in the meeting which kept small ravine of Ochiaigawa gave a voice in an English conversation class of yesterday's Jack. Ikeda did a page of one's opinion in one page, and I copied a handbill of the other meetings which kept three pages in good condition, and the contents of a handbill against landfill written in English printed the contents which Asakura who was an English teacher wrote it. I felt need to exhibit a place because I did not seem to know the place that became 以外 and the issue of all of you. I keep a map with next print.

 It was over only by preparations about the content that I wrote on in what took time by this problem.

[ID:16112] Sat Aug 19 11:43:39 2006
Name: ikedaharuo URL: http://www.ikeda.gr.jp/ DEL?
Subject: 小泉靖国参拝


[ID:17631] Sat Aug 19 11:46:47 2006
Name: 池田治夫1 URL: DEL?
Subject: Subject: Koizumi Yasukuni worship
Subject: Koizumi Yasukuni worship

 I participate in English conversation of Jack after an interval of three weeks. The issue of Koizumi Yasukuni worship. After all this problem was given. Security treaty generation is critical for 60 years. Because worship is personal faith, in Ikeda, there is not no problem. I think of と. Besides, posture China joins it together for an economic interest, and to use is unreasonable. Koizumi apologizes by Chinese aggression, too. It says intervention in domestic affairs for common sense I use Yasukuni than it, and to criticize. If the people whom 分祀 of a class-A war criminal is not because China says and sees a subordinate to a battlefield, and 込 んむ ordered, the people whom I left in a lurch are class-A war criminals, a qualification to worship in Yasukuni shrine is nothing but the people whom there is not.

 A Christian has the opinion that wants not to be enshrined in Yasukuni, but Yasukuni side is said to refuse deletion from 霊爾簿. With Kanoko whom I may be interested, but a name does not walk in a list after all. There may not be it if I think that there is not one's relative with oneself in Yasukuni. As for the class-A war criminal, the power of the state should use power in Yasukuni shrine to delete it from a list. Because it is old official our company, deletion from a list of a class-A war criminal is simple. Because Yokoi deleted Onoda, too. If overseas pressure becomes big, it is hard to delete that I worship a class-A war criminal, but it is necessary to delete it nationally if foreign countries are quiet.



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