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It is a contributor in muddy water who drinks up the growth

 投稿者:rry Ikeda  投稿日:2007年 7月15日(日)10時05分23秒
  It is a contributor in muddy water who drinks up the growth narrow interests: the

Ikeda contribution day: 11:56:51, Friday, July 6, 2007.

Dm Gm
A7 Dm A7
Even if you see thinking hatred
Dm A7 Dm
Sake Niga drunk with someone ..saying.. Sake
A7DmC7 F A7
It is had to nominate it or that construction
Dm A7 Dm someone and
the trader are muddy water Soda.

泥水に育ち 私利私欲を飲み干す 投稿者:池田治夫 投稿日:2007年 7月 6日(金)11時56分51秒
Dm     Gm
談合なんてさ 誰かなんてさ
A7    Dm  A7
嫌いと 思って見ても
Dm   A7     Dm
誰かと 飲む酒 ニガい酒
A7DmC7 F    A7
指名してもらおうか あの工事
Dm     A7 Dm
誰かも業者も 泥水育ち

Dm     Gm
談合なんてさ 業者なんてさ
A7   Dm   A7
嫌いと言っては みても
Dm   A7    Dm
業者の 名刺を胸に抱く
A7DmC7 F  A7
ひと目ぼれさす 金の山
Dm     A7 Dm
賄賂に弱いの 泥水育ち

Dm     Gm
競争なんてさ 入札なんてさ
A7    Dm   A7
嫌いさ 随契がいいよ
Dm  A7      Dm
業者も だれかも ボロもうけ
A7Dm C7  F  A7
だめよ 安値は やり直し
Dm     A7  Dm
昔はよかった 泥水育ち

Dm Gm
Trader of conference and doing
A7 Dm A7
Even if you say hatred
Dm A7 Dm
It holds without forgetting trader's business card.
A7DmC7 F A7
Mountain of person eye money
Dm A7 Dm
It is weak muddy water Soda in the bribe.

Dm Gm
Competition ..doing.. tender
A7 Dm A7
...hatred Tigi..
Dm A7 Dm
The trader and someone are the Boro profits.
A7Dm C7 F A7
Uselessness does the low price over again.
Dm A7 Dm
It is good muddy water Soda in old times.



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