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finance goes bankrupt

 投稿者:ハリーメール  投稿日:2007年 6月23日(土)19時38分3秒
  I performed the English conversation lesson of today's JACK in gender equality center. Ikeda has special deep emotion in a place of here. Because I did not prepare it though I should have been able to talk in English, I finished being other stories.
What is it? Let's explain it. It was for that place to take remodeling expense of 17,000,000 yen when it had been started at first by an assembly. Therefore Ikeda checked the contents. I had a constructer of an acquaintance estimate it. It was work to get off with 4,500,000 yen. They wanted to throw away a usable air-conditioner and change it though they are new.They want to make a floor heater, and They want to found an excuse to cost much money, and 13,000,000 yen were going to let you use a tax extra. The reason is because there is a stupid member of a city council pleased with budgets of a gender equality increasing. There are a lot of such things. If there is not a civic check, finance goes bankrupt.



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