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Jack.  All of classes

 投稿者:ハリーイケダメール  投稿日:2007年 4月28日(土)08時11分33秒
  ジャックさん。 クラスの皆様。 池田治夫に投票してくださった1554人の皆様。 私には感謝の気持ちが溢れています。 しかし御礼の言葉は禁止されていますので書けません。 察してください。


池田治夫 敬具 20070427

Jack.  All of classes.   The 1,554 who voted for  Ikeda Haruo.  I am full of feelings of thanks.  However, I cannot write words of gratitude because it is forbidden.  Please sympathize.

Ikeda Haruo knows it. Politics having been changed by self-interest. Self-interest pushed forward the environmental disruption. Ikeda Haruo and Mayor Nozaki announced priority of a politics problem for the first time. There is still people feeling nostalgic for the times of Inaba who scattered a right on the sly a lot. It is a mission of Ikeda Haruo that stop the time.

I race to completely destroy the Inaba times of self-interest in these four years.
I had you read, and thank you.
Ikeda Haruo  Yours sincerely, 20070427



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