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 投稿者:100鞍記念騎馬疾駆基地外メール  投稿日:2006年11月11日(土)11時40分0秒
  Re: Singer-songwriter debut Harry Ikeda [2,006/11/11 02:19:02] HomePage[Deletion]

About I was able to have when I sang a song, donating property. There are a beggar and a person avoiding it, but it is the expression that it is thankful for that was full of a feeling to Harry. The person who bought drink. The person whom I gave an umbrella to. The person whom I gave ホカロン to. The person whom I clapped my hands for. Each is expression of sympathy for a song of all of you. I am very glad.
 Besides, Ikeda understands that I am recognized socially in the meaning that an idea that a beggar in Islam is one work, the wealthy make almsgiving to poorman. It happened quite often to be impressed by how to receive how there was personality beggars whom I did not hate it simply and met at a world street corner. When it is put up without being afraid of a beggar when I went to a developing country, I want to have the room that I try to give. When I give it resolutely when I decline it, I am warm. At one's own pace.

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