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Tokyo colony

 投稿者:Takahashi  投稿日:2011年11月20日(日)19時34分48秒
  澳門We talk of the town of Atami real estate, where changes in Karuizawa, at the ridiculous things going on today. Especially media slap-happy as ever, TV is "gourmet delicious Karuizawa" and that slowly and others, this summer power shortage due to nuclear accident, Fukushima Daiichi, or that increased tourist and visit Karuizawa the influence of rolling blackouts , Toka book fills a condominium, the media fueled the local newspaper, the town hall and merry together in carefree abandon that too. Too funny for those fed up with living in the city every day.
Reality is different, land, villas, that the fatal incident is in progress at tourist Karuizawa performance glee in the weather, visitors can take leave over the plateau Rent a two seater never know. The management is also made ??that the service sector consists of money consumed by visitors from outside the metropolitan area or province, this time will end the severe cold of the autumn season, many shops and go out of business early.
Of course, not an exaggeration to Karuizawa will slowly form the financial basis and that the wheels of property taxes for the wealthy villa ground formed by demand and these tourists.



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